Patch 6.9 - General Gameplay

Patch breakdown

Patch 6.9 brought with it not only many champion and item updates, but general gameplay updates as well. Amazing and Lemonnation break them all don in this Pro Patch Breakdown.


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    • tutweb


    • lsuazot101

      hello awesone por yours videos

    • Jeff420

      Hello LolClass awesome video as always. I agree with you 100%, there's some great changes through this update and I know for a fact that Taliyah and at least one mage will be heavily overpowered. We will see how this goes anyway! As long as people are having fun then that's all that matters. You can’t have fun when you’re losing all the time though, like me :( But I found this LoL guide and was going to grab it, any advice on whether I should get it or not? Thanks in advance Please help me on this I want to rank up ASAP.